Shqipopedia, the Albanian Encyclopedia, has been working very hard the recent years and realized a lot of projects which most of them are ongoing projects.

English Albanian Dictionary
     This dictionary has more than 10.000 words and this is an ongoing project. In the near future this dictionary will have more than 50.000 words and most of the lemmas will have pronunciations.
More information: Anglisht

French Albanian Dictionary
      This dictionary has more than 17 thousand words and later all the words will be pronunced.
More information: Frengjisht

German Albanian Dictionary
      This is the best German Albanian Dictionary online with more than 5000 words and all the words are with pronunciation and with illustrations.
More information: Gjermanisht

Italian Albanian Dictionary
      This dictionary has 7000 words, 7000 pronunciations and 2000 photos.
More information: Italisht

Greek Albanian Dictionary
      Another great dictionary with more than 7500 words and 7500 pronunciations, which currently is under impovement.
More information: Greqisht

Turkish Albanian Dictionary
      This dictionary is with 9000 words and probably later we might find the pronunciations of the words.
More information: Turqisht

Swedish Albanian Dictionary
      This is a basic dictionary with 1500 words.
More information: Suedisht

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